//Closed Reed Distress

Closed Reed Distress


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This is a closed reed distress made from cocobolo. I can voice it in cotton tail. Jack rabbit both in double reeds or the new coaxer that also does a fantastic bird distress. Please let me know how you would like it voiced when ordering.. The call is $20.00

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3 reviews for Closed Reed Distress

  1. Dustin

    These calls are amazing from the finish to the sound. These are small calls that can easily be carried but boy do they pack a punch. I have 1 in a coaxer and 1 in rabbit, amazing how loud they can be for a little call. Great presents for people too.

  2. Robert Byrne

    open reed calls are the best on the market.
    Kerry is great to deal has a wealth of knowledge and is a serious predator hunter. Take it from someone that has spent the time and money. These calls stack fur. I’m proud to have Carver calls on my lanyard.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Blake Marsters (verified owner)

    In todays Predators hunting it would seem that Electronic calls is all the rage, and to listen to the “Pros” on what calls to use all I can says there no auto sound that come out of Carver hand wood calls. The Carver call it the best hand I have ever used I am not on anyone’s Pro staff just a hard working blue collar hunter that uses what works. I have the cottontail and ordering the Jackrabbit and coaxer call. Kerry make a freaking ELK call already!!!!

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