First let me thank you for considering my calls.  I take great pride in my work, I hope it shows in my calls. I design them to be very easy to use and sound fantastic. My calls require very little air to make them run.

 The Tone board is Just sitting in the call for Pictures !!

This is an open reed distress call made from beautiful Cholla Cactus.

Your choices for sound are the  Rabid Rabbit Extreme, SDS or The ruthless Ruthless. If you don’t put anything down during Checkout ill voice it in the rabid rabbit.

The call pictured is the call you will get.. There is only one..


Call Pricing,

Some  calls are more labor intensive than others which affects the price.

 Woods especially exotic and Burls I have to pay allot for, That affects the price of the calls. .



The grade of wood used. The higher the grade the more it costs me, as the grade goes up my cost on wood goes way up, so I have to charge more for the call.