Welcome to carver custom predator calls. My name is Kerry Carver maker of carver calls.

I have a beautiful wife Kim and two children Candice and Casey. Without my wifes support and understanding none of this would be possible.

When I was a freshman in high school in 1974 My friends dad was a government trapper who introduced me to coyote hunting since then Ive been hooked. He had a howler he had made out of an old truck horn and an old closed reed call. Of coarse I had to have one you couldn’t just buy a howler back then so I made one in 1977. Then I made a  closed reed call and the rest is history. Howling is nothing new folks have been doing it for a long  time.  Calling coyotes is a passion for me there is nothing like calling a coyote within feet of you. Me and my son Casey have had some of our most memorable times out hunting coyotes I have literally called them where they have jumped over the top of him.

Call making is also a passion of mine. My goals were to make the best sounding calls and also be the most user friendly calls available. I think we have accomplished both of these goals. I take pride in my work and I think it shows in the calls. All the calls are hand made out of fine hard woods with the exception of the Swift call its a bullet casing and the buffalo horn howler.  I believe in a great product at a fair price .  If  you have a special call you would like to have made give me a call we can build what you want.

Thanks and happy calling Kerry Carver