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I think we have some of the finest coyote calls available. With 30 years of calling Experience, I made my first coyote call in the mid 1970s. It was a horn howler made from an old semi truck horn with a hand built reed. Since then we have evolved into what we are now. All our coyote calls and elk calls are hand made from several of the hardest woods available, such as Ebony, CocoBolo, Osage, Maple, Oak, etc. These woods are also very beautiful. We also hand make our own tone boards. I have spent countless hours perfecting the sound of each model call. We make our coyote calls to be very user friendly with superb sound.

We do not mass produce our coyote calls. They are hand made, one at a time, with a lot of care going into each call. We hand polish each call with a 10 step process. I hand tune every call before they leave my shop to ensure that  when you receive your call, its tuned and ready to go.

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Coyote Calls – 21 Days In Coyote Heaven DVD

Coyote Calls - 21 Days in Coyote Heaven

We are pleased to announce our new dvd is ready for sale.. They are in stock and ready to ship.. This dvd is 2 full action packed hour. We started filming this dvd the last week of August of 07 and is complete and ready to sell.. Thats a feat all in is self, Start to completion in 5 1/2 months.. In 21 days we covered over 8000 miles and hunted in 4 states. Along with myself I invited 10 others to join me in the adventure for coyotes some Id never met until The hunt started..You will here others calling other than myself to give you a good idea of different calling styles and different calling techniques.. “There are no scripted lines in this dvd how you see it is how it happened”..It is 2 full hours.. The dvd is $15.95  delivered.. Please click the image of the dvd to the left to purchase..

Thanks Kerry
THERE ARE GRAPHIC SCENES  Please beware of this




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